Weekly Rant for 2017-03-22

1) Wtf lmao.  This is wrong on so many levels, but also hilarious:


2) I took apart my dinky shelves and made even dinkier dressers.  LOTS of drama on how messy my room is.  Calm down, sheesh!  Loving the new dressers, though Smile


3) Took a couple beautiful photos while walking outside:


4) A list of most highly suggested programming books. Interesting! (I have read none of these, by the way.)


5) Only Zelda: Ocarina of Time fans will get this:


6) Anti-intellectualism + phony social issues? Great combination for aggressive movements from the underground:


7) lmao what


8) Here’s just how ridiculous Dragon Ball Super has been so far…

Bulma tried shooting Goku in the very beginning of Dragon Ball when they first met. If you’re telling me Krillin (in a period of just a couple years) can now be wounded by a bullet without it being a lame plot, get outta here.

Dragon Ball Super is a ball of inconsistent mess. Even the latest episode with Toppo fighting Goku was crazy and seemed to have been re-written at the last minute.

So Toppo observes the previous match, sees Super Saiyan Blue, and then is surprised that Goku was “still holding back power” when they fight? How?

A host of Saiyans was required to activate Goku’s Super Saiyan God form (the red one), and Beerus fought Goku at “100%” of his power then… and then I guess everyone can now go to or compete with Super Saiyan Blue now? (Trunks in the future vs Zamasu, for example.)

Frieza spends a few weeks or whatever training and surpasses a power level that is EXPONENTIALLY more powerful than the power Frieza’s race was told to fear for thousands of years, by practicing on an EXPONENTIALLY less powerful assistant?

And all without going into Time Chambers or having a genuine reason for all this advancement, characters are now going to somehow prepare for this Tournament of Power through their strong will or some other bullshit alone… All the while, plenty of characters have died or even been outright tortured in DBZ and Super Saiyan Blue-type power levels were never even heard of.

DB Super feels a bit more authentic than DB GT to me, but it’s still a complete and total, even if lovable, mess.

9) What an orgy with me sounds like?  Probably.


10) What computers used to be like, and why we should all hate and forget some parts of the past.  I love how “portable” that computer is:


11) You can retire for less than $1 MIL and possibly be very happy:


Drawing 3% a year out of 400,000 for 30 years is going to get you a 1k a month.

If you take away my mortgage/rent ($700 / mo), my daughter’s daycare ($500 / mo), my car bills ($500 / mo) and also my furniture payment ($100 / mo), as well as make small reductions in food and miscellaneous spending ($300 / mo reduction), my monthly costs go from $2900 / mo all the way down to $800 / mo.

$800 / mo for food, internet and miscellaneous expenses is fine. That’s about how much I spend already.

Net annual return usually averages 4%, so I think your outlook is a tad pessimistic, but I can work with that.

$400k is not my ideal goal, but rather a major milestone I call “stage 1” retirement.

“Stage 1 Retirement” is the point where any additional cash simply adds luxury and insurance against risk, rather than being necessary to achieve financial independence.

What I do after achieving “stage 1 retirement” should not matter so long as I am sufficiently served by it. Continuing to work until securing additional more luxurious and less risky retirement is of course an option.

12) I hate stuff like this: http://www.autistichoya.com/p/ableist-words-and-terms-to-av…

Not because I want to be ableist or insensitive to people with disorders, but I feel as though there’s a point where culture misses THE point. Yes, phrases such as “turning a blind eye” developed because they’re referring to people being blind… but that’s also the point of them? The culture that treats people with disabilities as less than human is incredibly frustrating, but this doesn’t give people the right to be assholes for using cultural language or using disabilities or conditions as metaphors.

I think ableist language CAN be violent, but people are are not complete pieces of shit and know how to reason can discern between parodies, satire, colorful language and actually dehumanizing people who are “different” from them in some way.

13) Jeff Sessions says weed only slightly less bad than heroin… What?

Both of my brothers died from heroin and hard drug addictions. This all happened in the past year. I DON’T HAVE ANY BROTHERS LEFT BECAUSE OF HEROIN. I’d spam #smokeweedeveryday non-stop if it meant people’s lives didn’t decay into spiraling whirlpools of shit because of heroin addictions.

Dude. Fuck this dude. #fuckjeffsessions

also #nocontext because legit #fuckjeffsessions could be taken a lot of different ways.


But any policy other than eliminating marijuana criminalization (at the very least) needs to go.

14) I’ve had trouble reading and staying off the computer this past week, but here’s some thoughts I had when I first started being computer/social media-free:

Withdrawal Symptoms:

Pretty serious levels of stress, fatigue, anxiety… seem to have trouble staying focused on work. I realize some level of relaxation and possibly computer time would be OK, but as someone who’s feeling like I’m having a drug withdrawal but from dicking around on the computer, it’s hard to say how much.

I’m accepting my computer addiction, and that I’ll potentially always be an addict to any information that can be easily thrown at me without too much thought.

Am considering whether I should just have a 3 month exodus from casual computer use and only use it professionally. Maybe that will help rewire my brain? But I’ve been on computers and in front of TV screens for as long as I can remember.

I wonder about the alternatives to being on the computer. Namely, I find it really curious that I want to goof off and hang out with people for hours on end as a substitute for being on the computer or phone all of the time. Maybe that’s better, but it’s still not what I really want…

I should note that I slept nearly SIXTEEN HOURS from Tuesday 2 PM to Wednesday 6:30 AM with interruptions only to eat. I can’t tell if this is because I wasn’t feeling well, or if my brain just can’t figure out other things to do, or can’t handle the options it has. Boredom drives creativity, because it opens your mind up to things outside of norm, but persisted boredom also drives misery.

15) I made rainbow trout. It was amazing. Salt and mustard powder were definitely good choices here.


16) I want to talk again a bit about having ended my dynamic auto-isometrics routine.

The tl;dr is that you need to lift weights or at least use your body weight as leverage. Weights are better though. Train your muscles and your nerves for the thing they will actually be doing.

The isometric exercises actually degraded my muscles slightly. They were good for some things, but the negatives of having my energy cells drained for so little resistance benefit is just not worth trying that ever again.

I would spend the $10 / mo on a dingy Planet Fitness membership and use their machines. Although, I am trying to get a membership to a much better gym… $50 / mo tho…

17) I learned this week that people actually put hops and shit in beer on purpose… because they actually like the taste. So like, beer is made to taste like beer… because people WANT it to taste that way.

Mind. Blown.

To be fair, I think almost all beer and almost all alcohol tastes like shit because I’m very sensitive to anything bitter tasting.

18) World Map – Mario Style


19) I entered a recent discussion on consciousness and sentience. I think I am a very rare case overall, because I can remember all the way back to very early childhood (2 – 3 years old, possibly a bit younger?)


I remember being a baby. I remember understanding some things, but not others. I remember my dad jumping out of a trolley and bungie jumping onto a big puffy platform. I remember being able to vaguely gauge distance and size, although I can’t recall how large the pillow was that he fell onto, or how far away he was. I remember my mom talking about my dad and saying something about it. I remember COMPREHENDING some of what was being said. I remember sleeping A LOT. One thing though is I do not feel as though I had sentience back then.

I remember the day I acquired sentience. I remember walking up to my mom and asking her who she was, and he playfully responding that she was “mommy”. Then I asked who I was, and she said “You’re [the baby]!”. I do suspect there is a point where real self-awareness kicks in. I have memories before acquiring sentience, but I don’t recall ever consciously questioning who I or others were before that point, even if I had some concept of those things.

20) Interesting thread on having issues sleeping… What’s most interesting to me is how Quora’s supposedly intelligent audience seems to largely ignore the idea of sleep disorders and instead think it’s all related to cicadium rhythms and motivation, rather than the top posts which mentions sleep apnea and possible undiagnosed sleep disorders:

The truth is that this sort of thing is incredibly common for Quora. It’s like a startup / tech IPO version of Youtube comments. Quora and Medium are just laughable, sometimes.


21) Epic exchange: Elon Musk puts $100 MIL on the line. Australian comes in and says if the politics can be sorted out, Tesla will be free to install 100MW of energy storage in 100 days or less – or it’s free:


22) Finally listened to “A Tribe Called Quest”s latest album.

A few things:

1) I have trouble listening to lyrics to begin with. Just takes a lot of effort and energy, so most of the album was lost on me.

2) Squeaky-ass voiced rapper. I was not expecting that. Surprisingly smooth dude for sounding like a mouse.

3) Something something about Donald Trump.

Okay, this is a terrible review. But I did listen to the album. Wouldn’t necessarily want to listen to it again, though. That’s kind of disappointing to me, because the snippets I heard from the album had really good beats.

I pretty much only care about beats and how the vocals sound, most of the time not what the lyrics actually are. So yeah, wasn’t the album for me.

Lupe Fiasco has strong lyrics as well, but he enunciates them in a painfully obvious way, where you kind of can’t choose to not listen to them… I actually kind of know some of his lyrics as a result.

As it stands, a good portion of music will just not be up my alley until I start paying attention to song lyrics…

23) Was researching gorilla glue for carpentry, but I found weed instead… huh.

So I see this is the most potent strain. What will they do if an even more potent strain is developed? Call it Gg0?


24) And for my final post until my next (whenever that is!), here’s a little spider on wood… seemed to be one of these in every dresser I took apart over the past week.

I am really trying to manage the whole social media thing and my own addiction to easily accessible information. I think the bigger issue overall is computer use.

Even when I spent time off of social media, time on the computer took away from time I spent reading and doing other things, and overall with very little benefit to myself.

So I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Overall, I generally feel as though I’m suffering due to how difficult it is for me just to sit still and do the things that are harder than being on the computer all day.

But I will keep on trying 🙂





I don’t want to be a millionaire

“I don’t want to be a millionaire.”

I get strange looks for saying that.

Unfortunately, those words can be a social deal-breaker when spoken among potential new friends. Love of money can reveal a lot about a person, including how much they care about others and whether or not they worship Yahweh. It tells me whether or not someone idolizes finite things. The person who idolizes money cares about short-term things such as carnal pleasures, drugs and partying. It is also possible they care about others but have yet to learn just how little value money provides.

This is opposed to those who are humble and reject large quantities of money. Not everyone will do so for Christian reasons, but people who have a less ambitious view of money will often value family, good work ethics, interpersonal relationships, experiences and (hopefully) Christ more than the things they own. You cannot buy true friends, a good heart or trust.

As with all things, of course, there is a balance. Money is important to the poor, but only because the poor lack basic needs such as food, shelter and education. Money can be important to the rich man who spends it wisely. Money has little benefit to the poor who waste it. Likewise, money does more harm in the hands of the corrupted rich than the foolish poor.

Even though a million dollars would be an enormous blessing, I wouldn’t want to be a millionaire. There are two things I already know about which are the reason for this. The first thing is the Lord. The second thing is myself.

The Lord tells us not to idolize money. He also tells us the value of things other than money. The Book of Ecclesiastes and

It’s most awkward around someone who loves money and thinks it will solve all of their problems. Anyone who’s had money will hopefully tell you how few problems it solves. Much money is required to produce generally humble consequences.

Anyone who’s has money will tell you just how few problems it solves and just how much of it is required for generally humble effects. The value in money is not having to worry about survival. Anything excess is optional and often bears more of a burden than it removes.

For example, you can’t cure depression with money. You can alleviate stress and anxiety by having it, but beyond essential living needs, money becomes something which is better invested in experiences than materials.








Rebuking Self-Hatred using 1 Corinthians 19-20

Hello, friends.

For anyone dealing with feelings of self-hatred, this is something I have come across online.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

I find this relevant to the topic of self-hatred for several reasons:

1. To understand that you hold within you something PRECIOUS and HOLY. You have been trusted with a great honor by the Lord to receive His life within you. Do right by it. Love yourself the same as the love that is held in you.

2. To rebuke Satan. Christ, even Yahweh God, purchased you with His life and blood, which is eternally and irrefutably binding. You belong to Him, so do not allow Satan to bargain for your life and tempt you!

Say to Satan in the same manner as did Christ while being tempted in the desert, “Is it not written that the Lord has bought me with the price of His blood? Get thee behind me, Satan!”

Rebuke Satan now in the same – love yourself, and rebuke Satan in his attempts to tempt you with hate.